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    Unwelcome Adobe Photoshop 10 errors

    I'm getting frequent and vague errors in PhotoShop 10 CS3 on Mac OS X Leopard with 1 GB RAM. Do I need to enable maximum RAM (1GB in my case)?

    Things like "this operation cannot be completed."

    I hate vague error messages and I thought they were a thing of the past or at least relegated to the Windows family of operating systems.

    I've had to roll back to my previous version.

    Have I done something wrong?

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    are you ready for an answer that you are not going to like? Well, first off if you only have 1G ram, you should not have gotten leopard. number 2 you are putting CS3 on-top of Leopard......Good luck, i am surprised that it even starts the program. Try enable maximum RAM, but i do not think that it will be enough.... Your best solution is to install more ram.....speaking of this, how fast (or slow) is your processor?
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    Now now... 1gig RAM Intel-Macs does boot up Leopard fairly well... although many are wanting to return to Tiger. But having a P.Shop CS2 is more realistic.
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    nager is right. you may want to look in to getting CS2. how old is that mac? i have been on mac for years and i think the last one that i bought with 1gig of ram was in 2000. i would say that your problem is a ram problem......
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