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    streaming help

    hi am starting a new web site that will have movies on it lots of them.and hoping it will have lots of ppl watching it at 1 time i will b getting a server to put this on.what i need to no is what sort of server would i need to do this. and whats the best way to stream this as the could b lots of ppl watch movies at 1 time. is there any software to make the files size small or anything like this any info would be great thanks

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    I've been looking into using Flash to stream video and at the moment I'm leaning towards the Flash Communications Server for this type of thing. However it won't be everyone's cup of tea. For example, you really have to own Macromedia Flash and know how to use it. If you do, Flash has some compelling advantages over other technologies.

    Another option is Real's streaming server. I've never used it myself but I hear good things about it. The disadvantage (IMO) is that Real is struggling as a format and I don't see it retaining its popularity long-term.
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