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    designing for multiple plasma screens


    I'm working on a video that will run on a set of 4 vertical plasma screens that butt up against each other, thus simulating 1 large screen. The screens are Panasonic TH-PH9UK with each one having a resolution of 768x1366. (they will be rotated counter-clockwise)
    Each screen will be running from 1 dvd, so there will be 4 dvd players that plug into a synchronizer, which makes sure all the screens are running in unison.

    I'd like to have the content span across the screens at certain points in the video, but since each screen runs off of its own dvd, that's proving to be a challenge. With previous projects running on 1 horizontal plasma, I've set up my work area in After Effects to 852x480, square pixels and exported the file anamorphic to ensure it displays with minimal distortion after being burned to a dvd.

    Based on those dimensions, I was thinking of creating a file that is 1920x852. (the 1920 comes from a width of 480x4 since there are 4 screens)

    I would then output a quicktime file and bring it into Final Cut pro, which will have a work area of 480x852. From there I would slide that quicktime file back and forth as needed so that each of the 4 sections are visible in the work area. Four separate files would be exported at 480x852 that match with each screen. At some point the files would be rotated clockwise before burning to dvd since the screens will be rotated counter-clockwise.
    I've uploaded a diagram that illustrates what I'm talking about:
    Essentially I'd be chopping the source video into 4 files, burning each file onto a disc, then playing each disc on it's specific screen to create one image. The synchronizer that controls the dvd players should keep everything matched up. In talking to the technician that runs the hardware, he said there might be some lag between screens, but that's ok with me.

    hope all this makes sense.
    Does this sound like the right approach?


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    Sounds about right. One thing you may want to think about is possibly making your base work area slightly wider and removing some interbetween pieces so that the screen spacing doesn't seem as apparent when in playback.
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