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    Help / Advice Required

    Hi Folks,

    I'm looking for some help regarding hooking up 2 televisions one in my living room the other in an upstairs bedroom.

    I recently changed from Virgin to Sky, the engineer ran a cable from the living room to the bedroom connecting both TVs, however it has been done in such a manner that the TV in the bedroom can only watch whatever we are watching downstairs, ideally i would like it so that the kids can watch Sky upstairs & we can watch the terestrial channels downstairs & vice versa.

    I still have a socket in the living room for the outside arial, i thought that by connecting this to TV downstairs , i could tune in my terrestrial channels separatley, but i cant seem to do this the picture quality is very poor.

    Can any one help out please , thanks in advance.

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    is sky a cable or satellite provider?
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