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    Editing technique.

    I want to do a project w/our youth group. I have a green room setup. I bring in three youth at a time and in this 5 min. video I have them run through various routines on my direction, to coincide w/the video background. Then, bring in three more do the exact same thing. Here is the question I don't want to edit every 5 min. video. Is there a technique that I could run this through and have a finished product without editing 30 5 min. videos.

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    If you time them all the same and set the same (matched) start point on each, you should be able to simply trim the source clips to start at that matched point, then for the first one, copy these files to some common_named.avi, then edit with that, render for that group, then close your edit system, replace that avi (or set) with the next set of raw footage (trimmed the same) and re-render for the next, repeat
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    Thanks Eric: Is this where a motion control camera would come in handy? Also, the only audio will be music and voice over announcer. With this set-up Vegas or Adobe, or something else for editing.

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    I would suggest fixed cameras, with slightly wider shots than normal, unless you want to do a lot of tweaking in your edits
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish but simply recording the videos live to tape may work. You could get a switcher with chroma key capability if you want to record everything at the same time without having to edit everything in at a later date.

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