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Thread: A few questions

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    A few questions

    I am doing production for a Pro-Wrestling show and I want to do new commentary over the show. The problem is they never recorded a seperate sound file with just the crowd noise from the other show so I would have to mute the entire thing and do the commentary over silence or else the old commentary would be heard in the background. Is there a way that I can remove the old announcers from the sound file so I can have the new announcers do new commentary for the show?

    I also want to know if there is a good program or something to remove vocals from music? I have tried a lot of programs but you can still hear the vocals in the songs, if there is anything please let me know.

    One more thing is when doing the commentary for the shows, is there a special kind of microphone that I can use to hook up to the computer. Not something like a normal computer mic because that does not have very good quality. If theres not anything good for the computer I could just do the commentary on my camera, does anyone know of any good microphones that could be used for that? Thanks a lot for any help.

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    sounds like you have a couple of problems to deal with, first off , unless there is a separate audio and commentary track there will be no way to eliminate the prior commentary from the performance. However depending on how savy you are with audio editing and this is assuming that we are to sync this up with video, you could create your own audio track using the spacesbetween the commentary as crowd and ambient samples and copy them along side the original track over the parts where there is commentary and find a sample of stock ambience and crowd noise and play that in a relatively long loop along with the edited random samples of the original. then record the commentary keeping in mind the flow of the event to orchestrate the oohs and ahs accordingly.
    secondly a microphone , if you want simple try a usb microphone , samson, rode, marshall and so on all make on and they can be had for around 80-200 dollars.
    as far as removing vocals from prerecorded music, virtually not gonna happen completely or with any real major level of satisfaction, the beat approach would be mono cancelation in crossover and removing the most prominent frequencies of the vocal range and this would be case specific per song ie female or male singer, recording methods used for said song, ammount of stereo effect used on vocal and backup vocals on song, and so on. thus making no panacea of vocal removal processing completely possible.
    hope that helps


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