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    Car speakers on my computer or home audio?

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever attempted to wire their car speakers or subs to their computer or entertainment center. I know a fair amount about electronics, but nothing too complicated. The extent of my knowledge is wiring car stereos and the details with that (impedence and all that great stuff). If you have an idea that could work I'm looking to hook up my Audiobahn AW1000Q's to my computer just for fun. I realize that it will probably be way too loud to really enjoy.

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    As long as the impedance of the speakers are compatible with your soundcard, there should be no problem.

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    Pioneer on to computer

    Hi guys:
    Can I connect a pair of pioneer 6x9" in to the woofer of my creative inspire 2500 2.1?

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    Quote: Gabs3a
    Hi guys:
    Can I connect a pair of pioneer 6x9" in to the woofer of my ....
    In most cases, physical size has no bearing. As long as the impedence of the speaker matches the impedence of your amp, there really shouldn't be a problem. HOWEVER, I'm NOT recommending the connection of a pair of speakers into a woofer. When you connect additional speakers whether, parallel or in series from ONE amp output, you are changing the dynamics which can result in blown speakers or amp.

    If you've done your math (impedence & power), then you can experiment to your hearts content.
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    i got a power inverter in my car

    to run an alesis multimix 8 n my laptop for recording everywhere

    i have a cheap 150 audio thingie in my car that lets me have a "mp3 jack in" that juz means it has a 1/8 in that i plug the mixer outs to

    n yay

    i got moble recording gear wherever i go

    juz add mics


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