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    hi, actually i wanted a tip how to reduce size of a video in premiere wid good quality or tell me what compression shall i use to reduce the size of video

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    Will Premier make h.264 files? If it will then i would go with that. If not compress it to a wmv file. you did not tell me how small you need the file, what you are going to use it for......let us know and we can help you a bit more
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    Premiere CS3 will do FLV, a very good option, and h.264, another good option. Both highly compressed but still very reasonable quality. Just don't expect miracles if you are trying to compress and hours worth of video into 50mb

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    I did a quick test from Premiere CS3 and found the H.264 quality wasn't outstanding. It could have been my poor effort though - I wouldn't write it off based on my account.

    I also tried Quicktime Pro and had better results with H.264. I suspect there will soon be a bunch of other H.264 encoders joining the fray now that Flash supports it.

    Like kawsakimx6 said it depends quite a lot on what you want to use the video for and how you'll be showing it, e.g. DVD, Internet, computer?
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