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    Editing FLV clip

    I have converted an flv clip to avi and imported into a editor to add into a video of a trip we went on.
    I want to save end result onto disk and view on tv at home.
    The converted clip quality will look bad beside the dv tape recorded other clips.
    Question: If i were to scale the converted clip right down and maybe frame it with a template so it were to look as if you were watching on a tv screen would the reduced physical size of the clip now look better or still the same only smaller?

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    Hi Muzzzar

    The sad story is that once you have compressed and lost pixels in the process they are gone (unless you have the original DV-AVI file)
    Naturally the converted up FLV is going to look bad against a DV file.

    I assume that you are putting this on a DVD ??? so you might as well run each file on it's own and have one good and one bad as the FLV is not going to play as DVD media. You might get a usable clip if you convert the FLV back to MPEG2 ready for the DVD. By converting to AVI, adding your new footage and re-rendering you will probably lose even more.
    Any DVD authoring software will allow you to play the clips sequentially on your TV


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    Thanks Chris I will convert flv to mpeg2 , edit and see how it comes out.


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