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Thread: mic sensitivity

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    mic sensitivity

    i having a headaches doing my school project and i am totally lost.
    can anyone tell me how to identify whether the mic is consider to be very sensitive?

    i need a mic which can pick up sound inside a room. something similar to a sound detector. can anyone provide me its schematics diagram if possible?

    if i would to make purchase,how much will it cost?

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    There are ways to measure the specific sensitivity of a mic but cheaper mics tend not to have any useful information on their packaging. Obviously more expensive mics will be better quality and have more information.

    Anyway, the main point is that capacitor microphones (AKA condenser mics) are more sensitive than dynamic mics. If you want sensitivity, go for a capacitor. These are the ones which require a power supply or battery.

    You can pay whatever you like. A cheap one might cost less than $50, or you could pay hundreds. The more you can afford, the better the sound quality.
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