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    Lights and lighting

    Do you need to meter read light for studio shoot usuing Sony D50 Cam?
    Tongsten or daylight lights which is ideal for tv studio?

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    welcome to hell. the quick answer.....NO you do not NEED to read light for any camera or any shoot.......

    Now, how professional do you want to get? I use a light meter for EVERY shoot i do that is not live and out of my control (sports, plays, news stories etc.)

    and as far as your type of light, i am going to guess that you are looking for a news type of show with a set and chairs (since you did not specify) i would NEVER go with day lights, the light is too warm, and will kill any kind of studio look that you are going for.
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    Lighting in a studio very much depends on what you are tring to achieve.
    Chroma Key sequences for example have more critical requirement than simple staged shots.
    Budget comes into play too. If your starting out then a couple of Redheads will do fine.
    If you want to improve on that, then three to get the key, fill and kick.

    Here's a nice article on the subject....


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