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    First, thanks for those of you reading and responding to my posts.

    I am thinking about something, but remember I dont know
    much about this, so I need your info folks........

    I am making a video ( our wedding ) that firts part is on the
    church, then the honeymoon on 1000 Islands.

    This will be an "Autoplay" DVD, however, here is the question.

    How I do on the timelime, so if a person click "Fordward" on the remote
    the video jump to the Honeymoon trip, bypassing the Church event ?

    Remember this video is "auto" NO Menu.

    Thanks again.

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    on your DVD authoring program, you need to set chapters. It is that simple! what program are you using? we can maybe help you set the chapter markers
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    Sounds like you might be using one of the Adobe products, which one and what version?

    In Premiere Elements two the chapters would persist even on an auto play DVD, in version 3 it didn't work, and in version 4 I am told this feature is working again. I don't know if they had the same issues with Premiere Pro or not.

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    Humm great! How quick you folks responded !

    The Program is the new Adobe Premier Elements 4

    This will be nice, that you can do that on auto play DVDs !

    10000 of thanks

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    There are a couple of very nice tours of version 4 here
    and a video tour here


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