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    Sound effects

    Is there a source (website..etc) that i could get sound effects?? All this while, been using mp3 music as the background music for my editted video. Was thinking that, it could be better with a little bit of sound effects (sort of like, sound of text whoosing through,..etc. Basically the sound that hollywood studio has)?

    Below are some of the editted video i had.

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    There are tons of links to sound effect sites in this thread

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    Hi Tanteng

    You actually need a balance of live audio/music/sound fx and often foley fx
    Take a look at the selection on my website to give you an idea of what's available


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    Great, thanks guys. Appreciate it. It really helps alot.

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    I use this one for most of my stuff, I also have an extencive collection on disk here in the studio, but these work well
    Manoni Productions
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    check this site out

    this dvd costs $99, but is totally worth it, i purchased it one month ago, and the effects that are offered are awesome, i think its just what u are looking for


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    sony has a great soundeffects bundle, but the best thing is to just make some


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