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    capturing using my camera

    hello im newbies in video production
    i just want to know if i use always my camera to capture through firewire dv. i migth shorten the lifespan of my camera. is it true?

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    Hi Luffymd
    Technically, yes!! Your mechanism is working for extra hours playing the tape while you capture.
    In practice, I certainly wouldn't worry about the extra playback hours!!! You can, of course, buy a MiniDV deck and use that to capture but unless you are doing hundreds of hours the cost is not worth it.

    I personally have 2 cameras and I got 'em fairly cheap on eBay so I give them "turns" at being the capture player. I have yet to see someone wear out a camera by using it normally. Most owners have upgraded by then!!


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    i guess that it does add drum hrs to the camera......Really i would not worry about it, if you have a cheaper camera, you are not going to find a deck that for any cheaper.

    I did it all the time, before i got hard drives for my cameras
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