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    Time Lapse photography

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    The college I work at is having some new buildings built, and seeing as we're teaching Trades, they want to get a time-lapse of the building process done.

    I've never done this sort of thing before, so any tips would be appreciated.

    I was planning to pick my vantage point, set up a reasonably cheap digital camera (or possibly webcam?) on a permanent tripod, and take a photo per day.

    Any ideas on how to get lighting and shadows as consistent as possible - a hard ask, as the project is taking some eight months! The obvious solution would seem to be taking the photos at midday everyday - ie, when the sun is directly overhead as opposed to 12 O'Clock, although that will take a little bit of planning, I'm guessing.

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    I would take a photo per hour, then use those to make one continuous video, as well as taking the noon-ish photo from every day and making a quick video. Do remember that if you cross a point where you change the time [for daylight saving] that you either need to figure out when it changed and adjust for it, or [the easier method] have the machine making the timestamps not change its clock.
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    some digi cams have a timer that can be set for every (fill in the # here) mine does, depending on the length of the video, is how many shots you need to take. That can be a lot.
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    Actually any video camera (that does time lapse recording) or still photo camera can do it. But the length of time (8 long months!) ... and stuff... I'd rule a video camera out and choose a still digital camera (hmm web cams are possible, but you've gotta look out for one that produces images of decent quality for whatever you will do with it) that I can connect to my computer without touching it as much as possible.

    Just an additional food for thought... noonday lighting is not really nice.. you might want to consider morning (9 - 10am) or late afternoon (4 - 5pm), and of course if that does not interfere with whatever you're already doing.
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