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    Time Lapse sequence

    (cross-posted to the Photography forum)

    The college I work at is having some new buildings built, and seeing as we're teaching Trades, they want to get a time-lapse of the building process done.

    I've never done this sort of thing before, so any tips would be appreciated.

    I was planning to pick my vantage point, set up a reasonably cheap digital camera (or possibly webcam?) on a permanent tripod, and take a photo per day.

    Any ideas on how to get lighting and shadows as consistent as possible - a hard ask, as the project is taking some eight months! The obvious solution would seem to be taking the photos at midday everyday - ie, when the sun is directly overhead as opposed to 12 O'Clock, although that will take a little bit of planning, I'm guessing.
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    Hi Clownfish
    A cheap still camera is going to give you way better resolution than a cheap camcorder!!! An old webcam/camcorder is likely to give you no better than 640x480 stills and even a $50 brand new digital camera would be a couple of megapixels (at least 4 times the resolution)

    From a shadow point of view you not only need to shoot around midday but you will also have to track the shadow as the season progresses too!!
    Unless you live exactly on the equator, the sun ain't gonna be overhead as the months tick by so you may have to start by having a reference point somewhere around mid-day and then adjust as the season changes!

    The clouds will always change but this makes an interesting effect often used by film-makers!!!


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    so you plan on manually going out and hitting the button on the camera, or will you have it on some sort of timer?
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