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    changing color in Input text fields

    Is it possible to change the color of input text fields in flash?

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    solved this one, removing the borders from the textfield, and placing a rectangle the same size in another layer behind.

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    I will probably never understand why people do make things through irregular and unmethodical ways, such as putting HTML stuff on an un-HTML application. W3 does not recommend the use of 3rd party software and declares them as out of standards.

    not criticizing Toni b/c I wrote after him.. I'm quite happy he's found the answer what he had asked for.

    Please don't explain your own why's here, b/c that would be another neverending story.

    best regards;
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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    Sorry Kunter, i'm still learning the basics, and afew months ago i was put in charge of 3 flashsites, and my experience was close to zero, so until i learn the professional way of webdeveloping i'll have to 'hunt' with my 'cat' since at the moment i dont have a 'dog'. And dont worry, i wont post my own answers again...
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    I think it's a good idea to post the solution if you found it. These threads are often found by people searching for the answer and it helps if there's one there.

    While I agree with Kunter about avoiding Flash when HTML will suffice, there are also situations where HTML won't do what you need so Flash may be the best available option.
    Dave Owen

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    OK Dave, thanx.

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    avoiding a misunderstanding

    Well Tony;

    You had been the one to be confirmed, and congratulated.. not to be criticized for your considerabe effort (and success).

    The a.m. neverending story was the undesired debate of FLASH.vs.HTML stuff. According to some developers, I am one of the purists that looks for implementing web-standards-only html coding. If had a graphical design background BEFORE my informatics education, then for sure I would have a broader Flash usage throughout my works.

    And of course I know there are numerous things that could be accomplished by only Flash software; nevertheless as in your case, you have told us why you're using Flash with so solid and an acceptable answer.

    For this, I thank you.
    with my best regards;
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    OK Kunter, no problem man...

  9. #9 = 'green';"> this coding to change the color in input text box in java language .


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