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    Streaming Media Tutorial, Save for Web

    First let me congratulate you on this slick site. This is really clean and stylish. And helpful!

    I read your tutorial. Although enlightening, I didn't find any "save for Web" option in Adobe Premiere 6.5. Yes, I went to the same menu-point as in your screen-shot but this option simply wasn't there. Can it have to do with some plug-in that you have and I don't? I did find "Adobe MPEG Encoder" and "Avanced RealMedia Export"...

    I have Windows Media Encoder as stand alone from Microsoft, so I guess that works just as well. Does it?

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    Thanks for your comments Henrik.

    Unfortunately we don't have Premiere 6.x any more (we're using the Pro version now) so I can't go back and check. It does seem odd that your version doesn't have the same options. From memory, 6.5 uses the third-party "Cleaner" application which you may not have installed. Is it on the original Premiere disk?

    If you do have Windows Media Encoder I would guess that it works pretty much the same.

    BTW, the Premiere Pro includes "Adobe Encoder" which is a lot simpler to use than previous versions.
    Dave Owen


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