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    speaker type

    ok, when me and my friends first formed a band we all had cheap amps and instruments, but weve been playing for 5 years and thaught we'd move up a luege, so were buying a Portable MultiMix 8 USB 8-Channel Mixer and we want some speakers to go with it, the website offers passive or active speakers and were not sure which ones to get, were proforming live a lot

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    what type of venues are you playing?
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    large halls, school gyms, places like that, large halls for between 50-200 poeple

    the kind of places with nothing already set up
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    anything, anything at all, and if i can get an answer, does anybody no of some good kit wihch i can get for about 2-300

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    I know I've said this before but talk to the guys at

    I cannot recommend them highly enough and their cabs are superb.

    PS - I'm really not on commission. I spent over 2000 with them a few months back and the service and product was excellent.


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