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    Transparent Jagged Edges

    I need some instructions on how to create transparent jagged edges please.

    I have attached a couple examples of what I would like to be able to do.

    Thanks very much in advance!!
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    Hmmm, this might require more than a quick forum message, but in a nutshell...

    I'm guessing that you're read our instructions on how to make a transparent background. It's exactly the same procedure, except that you need to choose a magic wand setting which doesn't cleanly separate the image from the background. In other words, you need to make a selection which includes the whole background and a few parts of the image.

    Of course the real trick is to create the image so you can do this. In the photo we use as an example this wouldn't really work because the subject of the image is fairly distinct from the background.

    You might like to experiment with some (Photoshop) airbrush settings to make this effect. When you use the airbrush, select the "dissolve" option in the toolbar. This gives you the jagged effect. The dissolve option is also available for other tools (e.g. fill, etc).
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