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    KISS Principle sw editing

    Film Editing was done on a Moviola, where the IN reel was stuck on a spindle on the left and the film was passed through a Gate Splicer the on to the Take Up reel on the right hand spindle, about as simple as it can get.
    Today’s ridiculously over complicated Digital Editing software boggles my mind, with hundreds of toys and gadgets to mod or change everything. I do not need all these items.
    All I need is K.I.S.S. Principle editing program, that shows the movie, and allows me to cut out unwanted frames…PERIOD..and save the thing back to a file! Liner digital editing? Sort of. Is there any program that is this simple?

    I searched but found nothing concerning this topic.

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    Not as far as I know of. I've been trying to make an app that simulates linear editing for years, but I lack the expertise.

    You could use an app such as premiere or final cut and use the keyboard commands, they allow for marking in, out, and insert-after, if you just double-click on the source clip. jkl are your playback controls, io or [] are in and out, ,. are insert-over and insert-after [I think these are the same for both]
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    i have a computer back up that captures everything that goes out to the record deck. it is not really what you are looking for, but it is as close as i could do
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