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    OK boys and girls.....I bought a PC Laptop. It is the first laptop that i have owned that can run Myia, the only thing is i had to install Premier on it....well i did not have to but i had a copy of CS3 master collection, and therefor i am going to give it a shot. I am a mac guy and mostly use FCP, and the only other that i have alot of time with is Avid. is there any secrets that you guys think i should know about this premier? what are some things that you do not like about it or things you do like about it. just kind of looking to see what i have in store
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    Premiere's basic interface is very similar to FCPs. You will find that the filters and such have a different interface and the keyboard bindings are different, but the base UI is the same.
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    yeah i know all the key short cuts are different, so i will buy a Premier keybord
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