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    Dubbing cassette to CD burner

    Dear Members,
    I have some music on cassette tapes that I would like to be able to burn onto my CD with my CD burner on my computer. My question is what cables or adapters will be needed to connect the cassette deck to my computer to acomplish this task.
    Thanks for any help...

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    It depends on what inputs you have on your player and computer's sound card. Have a look at the back of your computer and try to identify the sound inputs. This page might help - it's most likely to be either two RCAs or a single 2.5mm stereo jack.

    Hopefully your cassette player will have RCA outputs. If not, you could try using the headphone output which will probably be a stereo jack (3.5mm or 2.5mm).

    Once you have identified the types of audio connections at both ends, you just need a cable with the same connections. For example, if you have RCAs on both the player and sound card you will need a standard dual-RCA cable. If you have RCA at one end and 2.5mm jack at the other, you will need either an adaptor cable or an RCA cable plus an adaptor.

    See if you can identify the connection types and let us know.
    Dave Owen

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    I got the cable that connects my cassette player to my computer. Now what? Do I need additional software?


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