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Thread: frame rates

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    frame rates

    Can i have movies with different frame rates in the same flash website?

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    is this that difficult to answer? i've been elsewhere and found no answer.

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    I assume you're talking about about Flash SWF movieclips as opposed to Flash video. It sure is confusing using the name "movie" for something that's not a video. Anyway....

    I'm pretty sure the ability to import movies with different frame rates is a feature of Flash 9/Actionscript 3, although when I searched for more info I couldn't find any. Maybe I'm wrong about that but I'm very sure I've seen it mentioned. I remember being excited about the possibilities for our MC Media Player and I even promised it as a future feature.

    I do know there's a property called Stage.frameRate that overrides the document's frame rate so this would theoretically do what you want.

    Of course this will only work if you're using an Actionscript 3 file. Older versions are limited to a single frame rate per Flash document.

    As for video files, you can import video clips with different frame rates into the same SWF.
    Dave Owen

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    Thanx for the feedback Dave...


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