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    video stream project help!!!!!!

    hi guys, I'm working on a project for my boss. He wants to create a steaming video and put it on the website for his clients to d/l. The video essentially will include him being in front of the camera talking and with some sort of presentation (such as powerpoint, or excel etc). He wanted the cheapest but most effective method to do it (like college lvl, where those professors are serious but not too serious that type). (i have no clue how this works and no idea why he told me to do research on this thing)

    But anyhow, i still did what i was told to do...i found out that the cheapest way is to do the HTTP streaming, where you record it, then upload the file to the server and create hyper link for ppl to download. Now, the problem is, what softwares and equipments do I need for him to get this thing done? what type of camera? softwares? How can I record him talking with powerpoint showing on the side? like this: choose "video webcasts" then choose APRI one. How can i do that? What programs or equipments or technologies do I need?

    Thank you guys for helping...Tons appreciations for helping me out on this important project.

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    Streaming is not the same as normal downloading.
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    not sure if this can be ok for you

    even free if no special req. needed.

    For recording faq



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