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    Hello guys, my name is yinka, i am a new member!
    i shoot a documentary using sony Z1U but because I dont have a deck and the camera was hired, I captured into my laptop through a firewire cable with a non professional camcorder.
    i noticed that the picture quality looks less on the camcorder viewfinder unlike what i saw on the Z1U viewfinder.

    I am asking if anyone knows if the kind of camera you use for capturing can affect the picture quality?
    I thank you.

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    Did you film in widescreen 16:9, HDV, or SD 4:3?

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    A common problem when capturing directly from a camcorder is that the read/write heads may be dirty. This is seen when "snow" or "pixelation" is seen in the captured clips. Using a cleaning tape may correct the problem.
    Try capturing a clip with a different camera. If there is a noticeable improvment, then cleaning the read/write heads may be all that is needed.

    Be careful as using different brands of magnetic tapes are NOT always compatible when used in the same camera. I use Panasonic tapes primarily and found out the hard way when I bought a Sony tape. The read/write heads became non-operational very fast and I had to take my camera in for a professional CLA. There, the technician informed my that the tapes are fine, it was the difference in the dry lubricants that were used in the two different brands "gummed up" the heads when the lubricants mixed during use. He said to pick ANY one brand and always use that brand and the problem would not occur.


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