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    My suggestion is as follows:

    * Decide if you want a Mac or PC.
    * If Mac FCP is probably your NLE (although you could use Premiere, but then I would go PC)
    * If PC look at accelerator boards like Matrox RT/Axio... even if you aren't going to use one right now, read the specs. The computer they suggest will be fine for all of your editing needs, and you can add their board down the road if you think you need it.
    * Choose your NLE. For a PC solution there are many choices, but I think the overall best choice if you want to stay under $4K or so is the Adobe Creative Suite 3. It contains Everything you will need to produce video, DVDs, edit your audio, and more.

    That's my Opinion :-)

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    Interesting why not use hard drive camera's

    Whatever you do be sure to stick to a tape based camera, MiniDV or DVPro, don't go down the DVD or[B
    hard drive camcorder road no matter what the salesperson tells you[/B]
    why not?

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    Hi Surfgirl

    To enable a decent amount of footage to be stored on a HDD camera, the video is suitably compressed, usually in MPEG format so if you try to edit this footage you will get a somewhat poorer end result as the MPEG file will be rendered twice causing degradation of the footage.

    With MiniDV tape you capture the footage to DV-AVI files and there is only a minimal loss after editing. Remember that most domestic camcorders are used to "shoot the baby on the lawn" and seldom are edited. DVD Camcorders are designed to "shoot and watch" which is great for people who purely want to see what they have filmed and have no interest in editing their footage.


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    The 'tribal council' has spoken much, but what say you billybeartku?

    I'm sure most, including myself, are waiting to hear updates from you or any developments from what has been given.
    There's no bad camera, just a bad user
    Loong . Singapore

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    running multiple cameras

    You have other options depending on budget.

    If you go with a new Apple G5 and Final Cut pro (latest version), you can simultaneously input more than 1 camera signal per firewire port and edit live. I have not done this personally, but have seen it demonstrated.

    You can use a clapboard and sync all cameras to it. Just never hit the pause button to stay in sync. Then you can edit all the tapes together in post and make it look as though it was edited live. Any high end editing program can be used with this method (Final Cut, Premier, Vegas, etc.).

    Purchase a dedicated system like the NewTek's Tricaster or competitors equivalent.

    As for burning a DVD from Premier Pro, it can be done. But you have to download a free add in component from Adobe's web site prior to using this feature. Also, you have to be a legitimate registered user to get the download. After that it works fine but is slower than using dedicated DVD authoring software. Dedicated DVD authoring software also allows you to add titles and menus, etc. that the direct to DVD feature does NOT have.

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