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    Google maps

    So it is that I am opening the threads today. Revisiting 3d-NZ after a year and may be a half I 'd like to congratulate you for your apparent success also wishing you to keep up your efforts on this matter. Meanwhile, I would further like to share or exchange creative ideas and/or various solution sets in order (us) to gain in strength knowledge-wise. Therefore, I believe this could be the thread to be followed under the topic " Google Maps " so we could drop off our treasure.

    And the site administrators may be interested in SE promoting this site since - I believe - these hereabouts could be one of the most favourite stops for information-seekers to discover/fetch and hopefuly add. I have plentiful knowledge on web design topics and have entered far into its development field almost suffice to feel that I'd be fully sufficient to do what lies on my part on any project, including this very mediacollege project, or initiative, provided that I spare particular time every so often from now on regularly.

    Soon these topics will be flooded with external URL's and pinpoint advices, and then will I feel greater having played some role while nowhere else I'm writing or blogging (despite I had been online since the mighty Veronica).

    Ah ahh .. the golden ages were they I know I'm well understood by some of you.. okay .. enough off-topic

    best regards;
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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    Ahh, the 3dNewZewaland site. It has gone quite well considering I haven't promoted it much at all, but sadly it is being neglected at the moment while I work on other stuff. I am hoping to get back to it this year. I will probably change a few things around and perhaps make the Google Map just one area of the website.

    It's been a story of frustration really. I developed my first "interactive map" years ago using data I sourced from the local council. That was a huge success locally but it was prohibitively expensive to expand nationally.

    Then when the Google Maps API came out I thought it would be great to use their mapping data to compliment my own ground-level panoramas and "virtual town" technology. I developed a system to incorporate my technology with Google Maps, and then in less than a year Google themselves brought out their street-level feature and made mine potentially redundant . So at the moment I'm wondering whether or not to persevere with my virtual technology or just wait and see if the Google vehicle passes my way.

    Anyway, if you have suggestions and ideas for where to go with this, I'm all ears. I just can't guarantee that I'll respond quickly because I really am under a bit of stress at the moment
    Dave Owen

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    I might have suggestions to help with.

    That ground-level picturing was the key I had heard about you through your (Te awamutu) site - after the Haka dance some other individual have taught me another N.Zelland-ish term .. a (lovely-looking) town name that you can hear nowehere else in the world . Yours is *still* a great project and could be more applicable and rantable just when you place its focus on somewhere of the bigger importance, or a more proper of whereever or whatever it is. i.e. I would like to enter in one of the few / countable stores of Te Awamutu streets, and get inside of those stores for (at least - when no purchased by the store owners as a commercial service) just pictures only.

    As for the Google thing ...
    I couldn't find the huge Empire States when I was trying to CLICK on virtual arrowheads at the 5th Ave. in NY City. You know why, ever played basketball? You can't find your way if you don't rise your head up.. in Google, you can't find your way .. there is noway you can see the FOR SALE sign attached on a window at the 5th floow of some building.

    But in Te Awamutu, you well implement it! "cause the public demand (of new services) design it.

    all right. Google DOES stuff on macro level, and looks for gaining benefits world-wide-spreading their applications and/or public services. On the contrary, developers such as you and me, can focus on incredibly more details on narrower scales, and can yield better or more practical solutions by the help of the dynamics advantage of being much smaller group.

    I know writing here only words are so free, but I need to have you wait a little more since I need to reach at a " Charlie " point of our project.. where I can manage a series of intelligently designed local city / town portals.

    Microsoft foreseers say " this is the future " .. and we've just started living in it.

    Adopting our aged projects accordingly must be one of the paths only the wise do follow?
    - kunter ilalan web designer
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