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    Image degradation by resizing images with height/width properties?

    Greetings (again),

    Is image degradation by resizing images using the height and width properties an issue?

    I currently resize all my images in PhotoShop, thinking it will do a better job of resizing images (and by resizing I mostly mean shrinking) than what the browsers can do. Am I wasting my time?

    Also, if I use the height and width properties, is the image resized before being downloaded, thereby saving bandwidth? Or does the resizing occur on my machine without any savings in bandwidth?


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    You are right to resize the images in Photoshop first. Using HTML to resize is a bad idea - it does degrade the image (more than Photoshop) and it often uses more bandwidth than necessary. The image file itself isn't resized - the size is changed on the fly for presentation only. In fact if you copy the image location and paste it into a new browser window/tab, you'll see the image at the original size.

    BTW, make sure you try different resize options in Photoshop as well. When you change the image size there's a drop-menu below where it says "Resample Image". Have a look at the different options and choose the one best for your situation.
    Dave Owen


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