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    Live type for windows?

    As most of you know i am an apple guy. However, I just bought a PC for my business because the price was right. i am comfortable with Premier now, and realized that there is not a Live Type type of program.....Do any of you know of one for the PC?

    I can make all of the typography my self, but to be honest i am lazy

    Thanks in advance
    Manoni Productions
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    Here is someone suggesting AE or Boris

    Being primarily a Windows user I am not familiar with LiveType, what does it do?

    Had a little time to check it out, there doesn't seem to be an equivalent out there anywhere.

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    that is what i was afraid of
    Manoni Productions
    Pass me another beer...You are still ugly!

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    Hi Guys

    ProDAD's Heroglyph is really worth a look at!! It's way easier to use than Boris or AE and does some awesome title work.

    I use it now by preference as it has the added advantage of being able to also act as a plugin for most NLE's (including Premiere!!)

    I have a couple of samples from the software on my tutorial page below to give you an idea of what it can do.



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