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    Hard Drive Camcorder

    Does anyone know of a hard drive camcorder that can record to .wmv format and has options to change quality and pixel dimensions?

    I need one to record material that will immediately be posted to a website, but I have strict standards I need to follow (.wmv 320X240). I amcurrently doing this via a miniDV camera and a laptop connected via either a Dazzle or 1394 cable. I'm looking for a more fail safe set up.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Hi Jeff
    The only batch of hard disk camcorders I have ever come across record in MPEG format with various compression settings and as full DV files.

    However if you look on eBay or suchlike places there are tons of "cheaper" video units that do stills and 640x480 video to an SD card only. You might have to check but I suspect they might also do 320x240.
    They are often advertised as 12mp cameras (stills) with video function

    You are unlikely to get good quality from a cammy that does 320x240 source footage in WMV format!!! It would still be better to start off with DV-AVI files on MiniDV tape then you have decent source footage!!!

    Your only other alternative is to get a hard drive camera and convert the MPEG2 to WMV

    Hope this helps


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    the HD that i have for my JVC will record in 3-4 diffrent formats. the camera is 10000 and the HDs for them are 1000 so it is not cheap, but i can get you the specs and links if you are still interested
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