Is there anyone here who knows how to reset or reprogram the Model #939P309A1 Remote for the Mitsubishi HS-U51 VCR purchased 2-3-90? It was working with very weak battery then stopped, after I had accidentally pressed some buttons. Tried new batteries and still not working though indicator flashes. A friend's identical remote DOES work the VCR so I know it responds. I know it can be reset because when new I dropped it and accidentally pressed some buttons and called service at dealer and was told how to reset by pressing certain buttons but I have lost or never wrote down the directions. I called Mitsubishi but they only say it is obsolete and want to sell me a new universal remote replacement. i simply have a gut feeling of disbelief and would like to go through the motions of reprogramming but I do not know how. So I turn to a forum in hopes someone has been around long enough and is experienced enough to know how or someone who does. cannot buy the fact that it wont work because old - my friends U51 and U57 both work the machine. Either my remote is 'burned out' or has lost its programming and I dont know how to tell unless I can do the resetting. Can anyone help???