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    Hardware Compatibility

    I am new with Adobe Premier Elements 4

    I am learning this new software and every day is a
    suprise, watching and learning how powerful it is.

    What I need to know now is what hardware out there
    is compatible with Adobe Premier Elements.

    Hope some of you can point me to some......

    I also install a "Firewire" Card, so a good hardware that
    use those ports will be good, I have read that in order
    to create High Definition-Wide Screen movies you need
    to do it via the Firewire, USB is too slow.

    I had seen that the Pyro AV Link is 100% compatible.
    But the company does NOT produced that any more.
    ( Can Find it on the ADS website )

    Any other hardware out there that is compatible with Premier ?

    Thanks !

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    If you are looking for a digital converter, to capture analog (VHS or other) tapes, the ADS Pyro Link is very good and available. There are also converters by Canopus that are excellent.

    Premiere Elements only captures via Firewire, it will not capture over USB. So if you want to use it to capture Firewire is a requirement.

    Here is a rather detailed topic about the Pyro Link


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