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    free download videos from youtube, Help...

    I access to the Youtube website from one of my friends. we both like rockín roll very much. And often shoping at the CDín VCD retails to search our favorite band or album. But since we are just students and donít have much pocket money, the most way we can use is download them from website like youtube, myspce. And meanwhile we need a high speed downloading tool to help us and convert the formats for good quality, of cause it would better be free.
    Iím sorry to wasting your time by asking this stupid question, but Iíve used many softwares which I searched from google, but Itís either function limited by trial or not a free edition,

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    (1) I don't think a "high speed download tool" will actually help much, if at all. Your speed is controlled by the deal you have with your ISP. Tools that claim to increase your speed are usually pretty useless.

    (2) Downloading from YouTube in the way you describe is against their terms of service.
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    As dave said but a good way that i've heard is to download the youtubr video using "Keep Vid". That will save it to your hard drive. You will need to rename it something like "rocknroll.flv". The names not important but the ".flv" file extension is very important.

    Now you need to use a program called "Super". Search google. Its about a 26mb download but well worth it. It will convert anything you can chuck at it. Even to mobile phones video. When it's installed start super.

    Now drag and drop the .flv file you just renamed into the workspace and choose the conversion settings your after be it .wmv, .avi (Divx, xvid, mp4), .flash, .mp4, etc, etc. etc.....

    Click encode and in a short time it will be finished. Just make sur you remebered to set up the Save Filer To " settings by right clicking to access the menu.

    It's a great l'il tool for a free bit of kit and i use it a lot.

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