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    Canon GL2 Iris Control

    I have 3 cameras in my broadcast ministry at my church, 2 of which are Canon GL2s. The other is an old panasonic someone donated. Is there a unit I can buy that will let me control the iris on them from the control room? Thanks.

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    Yes, and I will check what we are using at our church and report back.
    But why not have the camera people adjust their own iris?

    We did the remote route for awhile and had problems getting good shaders, it is usually easier to have the camera operator adjust the iris themselves.

    The only camera we set iris on remotely now is our jib cam.

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    There is this check out the stopbox.

    I will try to find out what type of control box we are using at our church, I can find out tomorrow night. If you want to check out the broadcast it is at 7pm Eastern Time click on the Media then Live Broadcast links.

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    We use two different Panasonic units for remote iris control of our cameras at church.
    The model numbers are;
    RCU AJ-RC10

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    Thanks yall, but I actually just found out that my budget this year has been cut to only $1000, haha. Oh ya, and buying freezes suck. Thanks for your help though, I'll look into it for the future.

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