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    Customising Checkboxes

    I have a drum tabber that is very ugly, I would like to set up my checkboxes so that I could change the check to an x or a circle or make it larger, or something thats more appealing to the eyes.
    Here's the link:

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    Nice tool you've got there

    There are two main ways to change the appearance of a checkbox:

    (1) Use CSS, e.g.:
    <input type="checkbox" style="width:30px;height:30px;">
    I don't know how much luck you'll have with this method. It's relatively easy but also quite limited. There are browser issues as well so test thoroughly.
    Try this Google search for some pointers:

    (2) Don't use checkboxes at all - use image fields instead, or perhaps Flash. This is a bit more complicated but will give you more options.
    Dave Owen


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