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    Good DVD Menu software for Windows XP

    Hey there. Can anyone tell me what software you would advise for burning DVDs in Windows XP? I'm trying to find a good app for my DELL at work. At home I use FCP, Roxio-Toast, and iDVD, but this will need to work on Windoze. It doesn't need to be elaborate. I work for a university and we often mail out lectures on DVD.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated. I'm very new to video editing from a PC standpoint.

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    Hi Isaac
    It's all a matter of personal choice but I use Mediachance's DVD Lab and it does everything I need and makes a professional looking menu too!!!

    Doesn't cost a fortune either and you can also import text and graphics directly from the sister program called RealDraw.


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    Sony's DVD Architect is a very good product and very reasonably priced. On the higher end of the scale would be Adobe's Encore DVD.

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    I personally like the simplicity of ULead's higher-end DVD software, although sometimes it is too simple, but not often.
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    i have a few on my computer, and it all depends on what exactly you are looking to do with it. you know, like the right tool for the job
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