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    wrong tape format

    I have edited video from dvdpro onto my Mac and edited it in Final Cut Express. Now I am trying to copy the finished produce onto a minidv tape in my panasonic PV-GS150 camera, I get a WRONG TAPE FORMAT message on the camera. What can I do? Converting it to a QuickTime movie didn't work.

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    with out sitting there i can not really help you. You will need to go to the export settings and make sure that you pick the correct deck output. the guys and girls over at can probably help you better whit out sitting there at your computer
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    Hi BM9

    Just a few hints as I use Panny gear too!
    I tend to use Motion DV Studio for capture and back to tape operations as it's Panasonic's own software.
    Make sure that your final product has been rendered to a native DV-AVI file before capturing back to tape. The GS150 will expect that format!!



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