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    JVC UX-D88 manual required

    I wonder can anyone help? I have a JVC micro component system, model number UX-D88 or UX-D88GD (one number on the front and one on the back). It is about 15years old but still working perfectly. However the user manual has been misplaced, I have checked the JVC web support site to no avail. Can anyone help please.
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    JVC UX-D88 manual

    I have now recieved a copy of the manual, many thanks.
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    User Manual

    Hi windsorbroom,

    I don't suppose you could tell me where you found the manual or send an electronic version? I also need one - dug my system out of storge but hadn't kept the manual, can't remember how to set the timer!

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    Quote: windsorbroom
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    I have now recieved a copy of the manual, many thanks.
    Could you possibly tell me where you obtained your copy.
    Many Thanks



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