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    full-screen resolution video

    We are looking for a few beta testers to try the beta version of a new generation of video distribution. (I will not state the company name here to comply with this forum's rules).

    In a nutshell, this new generation of Internet TV features full-screen resolution, full-length shows, a selection of better shows and no commercial interruptions. It is a free service.

    Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in trying this beta version to distribute your videos.

    Thank You.
    Alain Zarembowitch
    240 631 1111 x111

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    I use your software

    I am VG Rishi, Video Editor.
    I am working in an elearning company.
    I am making lot of video's for Children to learn there subject from computer. So I am creating video.
    Just few months back we bought Flash Media Server 3 for internet video streaming.
    I am happy to use your software.
    Please give me the details. I will send my full details after your valubale reply.
    Thank you
    Cell : 9894129703

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    Pls click the link and see the sample video's.
    This video all I have created for my purpose.



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