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    Using the Panasonic MX-70

    I just got my hands on a MX-70 video mixer and i have a question about it. At the studio we are using a separate mixer for the sound and i would like to know if i connect also the audio inputs of my sources (DVD Players) on the audio inputs of the MX-70 will the sound mix along with the video when i switch sources or do i have to mix manual the audio channels from the audio mixer? I read the manual but it doesn't mention anything i also read some terminology in the manual that i din't understand like SID, DSK and others. Is there any resource that i can refer to find out what they meen?

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    Not sure where "SID" is in the manual, so I cannot say. DSK is for "Down Stream Key", "AUDIO FOLLOW (video)" is what you want to do and it appears that the MX70 does have this function.
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    Thanx for the tip ''tonsofpcs'' I figured that out reading the manual a couple of days ago (mean the follow video button) but now i have another problem...the MX-70 has 4 stereo inputs for sound but i want to make them work as 8 separate chanels and use the shift key on the mixer section to change between 1 to 4 and 5 to 8, i have tried all possible combinations but can't find the way...i am sure i am missing something but not sure what that is... If anyone has used or using the MX-70 please help

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    I haven't used the MX70, the closest I have used is the Sony Anycast [SD] and an old [really] dual-tbc switcher similar in design to the MX70, but for different purpose. Is there a quick walkthrough in the manual for it? [I know the old one I used had some in the back]
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