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    Problem w/ Camera Screen?

    Hello, I was filming new episodes for my show and when I uploaded them I noticed in the middle there was some kind of green spot. I turned the camera on and and moved it around the room a bit and its on there as well.

    There is a picture of what I am talking about, if you can see that green spot right in the middle there. If someone knows what the problem is, why that showed up, or how I can get it off, please do post.

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    A green spot usually indicates that abnormal light has flared into the CCD chip. If you have a bright light directly into the lens or even just a flare, you will find that you have maybe a reflection from the lighting off a shiny object or (hopefully not) the chips have been damaged from very powerful light (pointing your camcorder at the sun does this!!!)

    You don't say which cammy you have but any 3 chip unit that uses a prism can also do it with a camera fault in the prism...The Canon XL1 is well known for prism problems and they cost around $1500 to repair too!!

    Check your camera in normal light (open shade) and record some footage and see if the spot is still there. If it is then it's off to the repair shop!!!



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