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    Newbie Question


    I Have a question regarding the video streming.

    We have a lot of video's (On DVD) and we want to make them available to every body on line, we have a excellent internet connection so no issue on this subject, we have a up and runing website, and We want to stream this video's (not downloading)

    How can we do this? is there some kind of tutorial on how to do this?

    I really appreciate your help on this subject,



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    you can do it with flash using php script (a lot of link are available out there) and in this site as well.

    If you need to set up it with no knowledge about script, injection, etc. you can try with VideoVista (up to ten hours video length, true streaming, multibitrate, easy manage using JS, and many more)


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    Hi bsa,

    Thanks for your replay,

    I did some reserch and find out that, there is 2 kind of streaming, http streaming and Server streaming.

    as I said we have a lot of DVD and we have a Jukebox, and we want to make the content of this DVD available on line, is the http streaming is enough for us? or should we go with Server streaming?

    Thanks again,


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    you are correct.

    As far as I know youtube it's using http streaming as well; bandwidth matters if you have many clients at the same time.
    A server must be configured but can be fine tuned.

    However a serverless solution it's very easy to configure ;-)
    This way you can easy find other webhosting worldwide splitting load around the globe using apache mod_rewrite.

    If java isn't a issue VideoVista it's the right solution for long time DVD, otherwise with Flash you have to work more to setup it

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    Thank for your update,

    it was very helpful

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    Johnson Nguyen
    Hey Shahin, do you happen to have your website updated? If anything, I'd like to see how your progress is in streaming your work.


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