I am a audio engineer and I had a couple of questions that I really would like to get help to answer. Well recently I came across a situation where I had to send audio from my mixer to the camera guy's camera. I had 2 ambience mics, an ipod, and a mic for a announcer. The mixer that I have is a spirit soundcraft live 42. I sent the audio signal through an aux. I used aux 1 (Pre). The camera guy had mic inputs and had choices of switching it mic, line, and 48v mic. I went out 1/4" from the aux to a xlr in for the camera. Well I told the camera guy that I am sending him a line input. On all the channels that I used, (ambience mics, ipod, and announcer) I sent it the signal to aux 1 (pre). The camera guy said that it was distorted. So I turned down the aux's on the channels and also on the master. Once I did that he said He heard a hiss sound through the signal. Since I turned down the aux I realized that I turned it down enough to notice that the signal is not being lowered through the voltage. I used my PFL on the channels to make sure that I got the levels set to unity. I got a DI box and controlled the voltage outcome with it by putting a -20dB pad. Now that the signal is going through the DI box, the voltage is being reduced and transformed into a mic level. That lowered the hiss and made the signal enough headroom for the camera guy. Made him happy.

My Question is: Are camera line inputs sensitive that it picks up voltage outputs?

Also I sent the signal through a group send as well and when I just turned up the group's fader, the camera guy said that it is distorted. I brought down the fader and he still claimed that it was distorted.

Question: I know when you send a line level it could be distorted if it is inserted to a mic level, but I asked him if he was in a line level and he said yes. Did I do something wrong to not send a clean and set level? Please help, because I definately want to understand this.