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    video production

    hello everyone,

    wats a good supporting arguement for video productions?

    why is video production popular?



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    Hi Jo3,

    I'd think you need to narrow the focus of the question because it's a bit too general. A good argument for making a commercial promotional video might not be a good argument for putting videos of your cat on Youtube.

    Is there some type of video production you have in mind? Is the question for an assignment or essay? If so some context would help answer the question.

    One example question could be "Why is video better than written text for delivering information?" (although that's still quite vague).

    The answer might include:
    - Video is a comfortable, efficient method of delivering information and entertainment. The producer can fit a lot of information in a short space of time.
    - The user can absorb information in a familiar way without getting as fatigued as reading text.
    - There is less reliance on the user's reading comprehension. It's easier to cater for wider audiences.
    - A picture is worth a thousand words. A moving picture with sound is worth a million pictures.
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    dave is right. we are going to need more input as to what you are wanting for us. It sounds to me like you are waiting for one of us to write a midterm paper for you
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    Johnson Nguyen
    hahahaha it does sound like we're writing his midterm paper for him. all in all, we're in a technological innovated time where things are growing more rapidly than ever. video production is one of those key elements that help bring us new information.

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    the written text on the Internet, is 2 parts auditorial and 1 part visual, you have to verbalize what your looking at to make logic to you,
    The video or moving picture does the logic for you, you do not have to verbalize anything. more like 2 parts visual and 1 part auditorial, like when you see 44 DD you say wow, it's automatic
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    Why is video production important?

    It's a fantastic medium for both putting your information across while at the same time presenting your information in a manner that attracts a viewer thus combining education/information with presentation

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    why- may not be as interesting in how

    how things are important is far more interesting then why i feel

    why is it important to make videos= expression of an undefined idea

    but HOW is it important is when a concept either shines or fades.

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    Hi guys,
    I have been dealing with electronics product for many years!!it really has a good sale market in the world!!most of our customers are do dropshop.thire main product are audio/video it becomes more and more popular!!
    Hope my view for you is still useful!!!

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    Why Video production

    Greeting all, :footnote, new to this arena, not to Video, not to Production, and Not to TV..... SO why involve yourself in video production, trust me you won't use this in a mid-term..If you want to pass!

    For some people it is about power, you produce..your in control, for others, well not all of us have extrodinary talent, can't sing, can't dance, and have a face for radio, so video production, which even the most common of us can explore becomes a primary creative out-let.

    Lastly, with practice, most individuals can become quite savey, like potography, the interested and the driven, can and do make money offering their services, and there is the FACT that it's a gas (FUN)!

    Any other redundent questions, get an encycolpedia........


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    Why Video Production, or why does MAN/Woman seek creative expression?

    It has been suggested that the human species is driven primarily by the accumulative values of their baser instincts, a desire for shelter, a ready supply of food & drink, and simple companionship. However, it seems mankind is not quite that simplistic in design, as timely observation demonstrates, that even in the presence of an abundance of those principle elements, man is drawn to seek more. Mankind it appears also requires sources for external sensory stimulation. Whether it be the gentle splash of a mountain spring, the ardent voice of a single bird, or the rumble and roar of an autumn storm, man must fulfill this need for sensory stimulation. Even in the absence of naturally occurring stimuli, the species found fulfillment. From early on, mankind drew images, told stories and made music. Is it perhaps then, manís ability to translate sensory perceptions into art, poetry and music, which set us apart from the animals? If this is true, what could be nobler than to encourage that ability?


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