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    Sony Vegas Movie Maker

    Does anyone know if Sony Vegas Movie Maker Studio suppoerts AVI format ?
    I have camcorder based on Mini DV system. When I capture from it and transfer to my PC , I use AVI format, so I do not loose quality when editing the clips. (right now I use Ulead Studio Plus 11).
    How does Ulead compare to Sony Vegas Movie Maker?

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    Hi Baja
    I use Vegas 7 but have also used MovieMaker Studio too. Yes it will handle DV-AVI files comfortably directly from your capture.

    In my opinion it's way better than Ulead !!! the only real difference between Studio and the Pro version is that the Pro versions have unlimited tracks!! Still awesome software for the tiny price!!


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    And a plug for Premiere Elements which also works best with DV-AVI files. It does have unlimited tracks and is extremely close to the pro version. Premiere Pro has multiple timelines and Elements does not.

    Just remember that all AVI files are not alike. If these are from a MiniDV camcorder captured over Firewire that is DV-AVI. If they are AVI files captured from a still camera, then they will most likely not work very well.
    You can usually convert the files to DV-AVI with Windows Movie Maker and that should work fine.

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    I've used both vegas movie studio (platinum) 6&7, both work grate with DV-Avi, the only problem I've found id the Mpeg codec, but the only time that was a problem was with the start trek transporter video files.

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    Johnson Nguyen
    Does anyone know how the importation of video quality looks with these two products compared? Is there a MAJOR difference? Do they give out free trial version on their websites? I just don't like getting the free downloads because they usually don't offer as much content as the paid ones.

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    The video quality with Vegas and Premiere are both excellent, you won't find two better products anywhere when it comes to editing MiniDV footage. We have 100's of ex-Pinnacle users at Muvipix and the Adobe forum, they have made the move from Studio to Premiere Elements and really are enjoying it.

    Both have demo versions that are at least 90% of the full version. It is hard to get them to 100% because of licensing issues for export formats, effects and plug ins, but minus a few things you get lots to work with and more than enough to see if you like the product.

    The Premiere Elements demo watermarks all exports with a big Adobe logo, Vegas might do something similar. The watermark goes away once you purchase the software and install.
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    I have just started using Windows Movie maker for this kind of stuff , Do u think Sony Vegas movie make is better that Windows ?

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    Just remember that Movie Maker is a free windows program so you can't expect too much!!
    Vegas Movie Maker has virtually the same features as Vegas Pro but just the number of tracks are limited.
    Download a trial copy and see for yourself. I use it as my main editor and also write tutorials for it too!!
    See :



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