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    Equipment - camcorder

    What camcorder would you recommend for recording occasional videos like weddings, real estate , corporate movies, universaries etc.? I plan to record and edit the videos myself.
    Is there a software for video editing that you would recommend? (I use Ulead Studio 11 for my hobby videos)
    A computer system (Mac or PC windows)?
    (I am thinking about doing videography for different occasions)

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    Hi Baja
    You don't really need to go HD yet (unless you can afford it) so any good Prosumer camera is fine!! I'm a Panny Fan so I favour the DXV100/102 cameras. However a Sony PD150/170 is good too for general work.
    You don't want to spend too much so rather buy a used machine first and you should find something in the $2000 range quite adequate and adaptable.

    A standard PC is also all you will need for SD video...I edit complex video for Real estate on a P4 2.4GB with only 512Mb memory and Vegas 7
    If you decide to go HD then you will need a serious machine!! At least Dual Core 3Gb and around 2Gb memory and some VERY large drives!!!

    Just remember than not many people have an HD TV and a Bluray DVD player so more often than not SD widescreen is as technical as you need to get unless you have at least $10,000 spare!!!


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    A roll would need to be something similar to the Canon XH G1 or at least the XH A1, B roll could be the Canon HV20. But you will need at least 2 cameras and very close to $10K as Chris has said.

    That doesn't include Softare, DVDs, a good video editing computer (mine cost over $3000 6 months ago), DVD Authoring software, maybe some effects software, Photo Editing Software, all of which can easily cost another $10K. If it was cheap and easy everyone would be doing it


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