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    Glossy vs. Matte

    I'm about to buy Apple's new Macbook Pro, and I'm not sure about getting a matte or glossy screen. I don't do a terrible amount of colour correction, but I usually adjust it a tad, and I'm often adjusting photos for slide-shows I do.

    I know that if I really want accurate colour, I'd get a calibrator that would get it dead right, but I'm often doing stuff on the fly. I'm interested in other peoples' experiences with glossy and matte screens.
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    My preference is usually is for matte finish on any screen because if I catch any reflected light, it's just a nuisance to me. If there is a choice of matte or glossy on the same product, I have not made that comparison.

    Naturally it all falls upon the user's preference
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    Disclaimer: My comments are based on my experience working with a macbook (glossy) and a macbook pro (matte).

    My quick answer is glossy if you only work indoors, matte if you are going places, and my preference is matte, as with SC358.

    Now to elaborate. While a glossy screen gives a more 'saturated' look on colors (like the difference looking at a bright colored object when it is dry and when it is wet, it makes a difference in saturation), the matte tends to be a better worker in most venues (even sunny. I've used it on the beach, under limited amt of shade and it's good enough).

    Also I would say that getting accurate colors means getting a proper calibrator, not exactly/only a matte or glossy screen. But there are a lot more factors, for instance, when I project the slide show, am I using a good projector? Otherwise the end result will be messy, despite all the hard work put in.

    Yup those are my thoughts.
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    You will regret the glossy, unless you only work in places that are window free, and sun free, and overhead light free.
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