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    Very experienced at shooting/filming it -- editing it, new experience;Advice sought

    I will be making a hefty purchase here in the very near future, and I would really like some advice and input from members who are knowledgable and opininated about editing computers and software. Background, I've been filming professional interviews for about 15 years or more years. I've just gone to the digital media. I utilize a Panasonic 3CC professional camera, Panasonic Mini DV master tapes. Here's the rub: I think I've over researched computers and editing/encoding/DVD burning software (grimace). I have a budget of about $6,000 to spend on a computer (preferably a laptop) and edititing software.
    I am leaning towards the Premiere Production Master Collection because of the "OnLocation" feature. (Used to be called DVRack before it was sold to Adobe). My goal is to not only film the project with the 3CC camera, but to burn to the laptop simultaneously through OnLocation. Anyone out there have advice about doing this, and any suggestions or warnings about pitfalls about burning to laptop realt-time?

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    well there is good news and bad news. what do you want first?

    Ok i will give you the good news. 6K if this is USD, is more then enough to get a god editing computer and software.

    Bad news: You are going to be highly disappointed in the speed of laptop editing.

    What i have: You can get a Hard drive that mounts to your camera and captures right to it. there are many kinds of these. I use DTE technology, but many company's make them. they just firewire into a desk top editing machine.

    But heay i am just one person, and there are many other people here on these boards
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    Panasonic HVX 200

    The Panasonic HVX 200 will solve all your problems. I have just shot a film with one of these and it is superb and with a movietube adapter it is awesome. The flashcard facility enables instant load up to a laptop and of course depending on your editing suite you can begin to offline almost straight away. I am no expert to be frank but i think its the camera you need to look at not the editing software or the laptop although as much GIG and RAM as you get is always a good start.
    Hope this helps..

    Google: PANASONIC HVX 200

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    Burning direct

    This sounds good. And you're right, I didn't like the laptop bad news. I will Google the Panasonic equipment here in a few minutes after I say thank you for the input. It has been very helpful to me.

    I am also looking for suggestions, comments or ideas about getting editing experience. Yes, I've already rolled up my sleeves and have made a few cute movies (Tamarins at the zoo here) and have now downloaded 10 hours of film to the computer of "real" work I'm getting paid for.

    I think I like Baptism by fire, so I'm jumping in with both feet here. It is time consuming! I need a class or two on editing.

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    Oh, PS to you with the "Give me another beer . . . you're still ugly."

    I AM NOT! (grin)

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    Hi Catskils
    I'm a Panny fan but just beware of 2 problems on the HVX. Cards are very costly items for the camera. On this side of the planet they are around $1200 for a 16GB card. I didn't look at the HVX spec too closely as I still use Tape but it might be worth checking if you can record data to both tape and card at the same time. That way at least you have your raw footage on tape if you need it. Storing permanently on card would be rather expensive. Also be aware that if your material is going out to networks/other producers most still prefer to have it on tape.

    It's a great camera however and I have usually had to upgrade my cameras because the mechanical aspects have failed, not the electronics. A "tapeless" and "driveless" cam is the answer to wear and tear!!!


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    Johnson Nguyen
    6000 is way more than enough to get you started and going. I"d take chris's warning that other networks and people looking at your work would probably prefer it on tape.


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