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    How to convert DVD to MP4

    I just buy an iPod, how to put DVD on my iPod.

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    Manoni Productions
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    Why do you say unpossible???

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    This is my method for putting DVDs, TV shows, my own home movies and anything else onto my iPod.

    You will need a computer for video editing, a Digital Converter (ADS Pryo AV Link $140), and video editing software that will export to H264 format.
    I use Premiere Elements for this and it works very well and costs less than $100.

    There are probably some free tools and cheap capture cards that may work, I do not recommend them. It took me two years to find something that worked well and I do not recommend any other way.

    Connect your VCR, Cable, Satellite, DVD Player, or any other analog device to the Pyro Link/digital converter. Connect the convert to your computers Firewire connection. Capture video from DVD into Premiere Elements.
    Export as H264 and use iTunes to put the file on your iPod.

    That's it


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